Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet 120th Anniversary Ed


Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillets are the way to a perfect steak. Only cast iron can deliver the charred crusty exterior and the juicy interior which carnivores drool for. This is the special 120 year Anniversary Edition - it says so on the bottom. It's a testimony to enduring quality and usefulness.

Cast iron just gets soooo hot… and clings so tight until the moment of release. And it's durable and chemical free – no degrading non-stick surfaces.

Lodge are unique cast iron skillets because they're impregnated with a soy based vegetable oil which is baked in at the foundry. And they're the only major iron cookware which is still made in America.

The pre-seasoning makes a Lodge Logic Cast Iron skillet much easier to use than traditional camping store cast iron. It's ready for immediate use and easier to care for - as long as it's gently cleaned after use (not left soaking) and given a light coating of oil afterwards.

These are skillets with a fine history : Lodge Manufacturing has existed since 1896 (hence,120th Anniversary) and the company is still run by the great grandsons of founder Joseph Lodge.

Lodge is based in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. It's an hour's drive from Lynchberg (as in Jack Daniels), and three hours from Dollywood (as in Parton). The town has 3,000 people, and twenty churches.

Since the time of The Quakers, Americans have a proud history of manufacturing. Lodge is proof that the history continues.

The only remaining question is whether to use the conventional three minutes per side, or the Heston Blumenthal quick flip thirty seconds per side method. The one constant given is a really hot pan. Like this.

The Good Store's Lodge Skillet has dual pour spouts and a pourer handle. It's 26cm diameter and 4.5cm deep. And really old.