Dynomighty Mighty Wallets

Mighty Wallets made by Dynomighty are the original thin, light, durable wallets - they're thin to avoid bulging back pockets. They're also waterproof and near-impossible to rip. 

Oh, and you can write & draw on a Mighty Wallet to personalise it.

Our Mighty Wallet is made from a material called Tyvek composed of recycled products including milk cartons. This makes it a good wallet for vegetarians and vegans.

Tyvek is a star material. It first came to public attention when 80s electro punks Devo used in their jump suits in the video for 'Whip it". Subsequently, it's seen in every incarnation of CSI when Forensic Scientists enter a crime scene - the woven fibres of Tyvek are a tenth of the diameter of the human hair, and fabric made from it doesn't interfere with possible evidence.

Tyvek is even more obviously used in the construction industry, where it's regularly used hanging in big sheets from near- complete buildings to seal out weather and dust.

Dymomighty is a New York based company. Their Mighty Wallet is a true original. There have been dodgy copies but Might Wallet is the real thing. 

The company was founded in 2002 by Thomas Kelleman when he was still working a regular job at New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). He devised an ingenious origami style folding pattern wallet which leaves no vulnerable seams. There are interior pockets for notes, two credit card pockets, and two external access business card pockets. 

Kelleman created one of the first minimalist wallets for modern people !



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