Vendula London Bags and Purses

Vendula London Bags and Purses are luxurious, funky, and non-leather. They feature intricate applique designs, and revel in a reputation of being a product for individuals only. Style with fun.

A serious bi-product is their relevance to vegetarians and vegans.

Vendula London is a British company which is ironically based in Middlesex (rather than London). They were founded in 2003, and have grown by word-of-mouth since then.

Each bag and purse (except for their Pouch bag) acknowledges their British base by being fully lined in a fabric pattern featuring Big Ben, the London Eye, and other London architectural highlights.

Know that pictures of Vendula London bags and purses never capture the complexity, depth, and beauty of the applique work. It's formidably detailed, and meticulously stitched. 

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