Gardening tools are the essence of Useful Presents. The Good Store has a broad range of things from around the world – including Englands famed Burgon & Ball tools, Haws watering cans, Felco's Swiss-made pruners, and Eva Solo's Scandinavian Flowerpots.

And not forgetting our inexpensive and wonderful Oasis Thorn Stripper - to avoid being pricked by roses.

Sorry, we can't help with soil quality or weather…

Haws Indoor Copper Watering Can


Australian Gardeners Hand Balm 100grams


Oasis Thorn Stripper


Urban Composter Bucket

Urban Composter Accelerator


Urban Composter City


Slinky Compact Hose Kit


Felco 2 Secateurs / Pruners

Sprouts Gardening Gloves


Haws Long Reach Watering Can


Opinel #10 Folding Pruning Knife


Eva Solo Self Watering Flower Pot

Burgon & Ball Herb Snips


Felco 600 Folding Saw


Soap-in-a-Bag Garden Scrubber


Haws Brass Sprayer

Burgon & Ball Trimming Shears


Second Skin Gents Garden Gloves


Burgon & Ball Dibbler


Scratch Protector Gloves

Burgon and Ball Onion Weeder / Fern Trowel


Burgon & Ball Paving Knife


Haws Watering Can


Eco Pot Maker

Burgon and Ball Harvest Trug


Burgon & Ball Classic Hand Trowel


Eva Solo Bird Feeder


Burgon & Ball Fork

Burgon & Ball Pocket Pruner