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8 Classics For Better Picnics

Mar 22, 2016

Autumn is picnic time for most Australians – the sun’s lost it’s scorch, there’s less flies, and the outdoors is generally a kinder gentler place to be. And there are long weekends, and outdoor cinema and concerts for many. Some things are good to take along !

normann copenhagen rocking glass

1. Normann Copenhagen Rocking Glasses. Glasses that won’t tip over and are wonderful on ground, grass or table. Former stars of MoMa NYC originally developed to deal with the bumpy ride on 1950s propeller passenger planes. $35 (set of four):


2. Skip Hop Picnic Rug. Carries easily as a messenger bag or backpack. Comes complete with chiller bag. And it’s machine washable ! An end to heavy old picnic blankets  $80 (sorry, we don’t sell the matching dress):

3. Opinel Round Tip Pocket Knife. Legendary folding knife for picnics. The rounded end is perfect for spreading butter. Oh ok, if you really must, there’s nothing to beat this for pate. Particularly because it’s made in France  $24:


4. Handpresso Espresso Maker. First gourmet coffee maker to fit in your hand …or your pocket. It’s light, highly portable, beautifully simple, and unlike big machines uses little energy in either its manufacture or its pump action use. And it’s maintenance free and doesn’t break down. Winner, IF Design Award Europe.  $179

5. Hermetus Bottle Opener/Sealer. The unique way to take crown caps off bottles…and then re-seal them. Particularly useful for King Browns, and the new wave boutique beers which don’t have twist tops. Made in Germany.  $10

6. Helen Kaminski Visors. Australian designer classic for women. Big enough to keep the sun off noses, but small enough to stop the wind getting underneath the peak. They fit snug but comfy thanks to their thick band padding. $85

7. Stanley Classic Ultra Vacuum Flask has workers credibility – it’s on building sites all over Australia. Nigh impossible to break, has a leakproof lid, and keeps things hot or cold. Comes in a groovy shade of green – ‘hammertone green’ to be precise.  $69

8. Featherball. The perfect post-picnic exercise. Massive in Asian and Latin American countries. Can be played with hand or foot. And singly, in pairs, or groups. One of the sneakiest ways of exercising whilst having fun.  $17

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