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(A bonus) Seven Presents for Seven Fathers 2016

Aug 26, 2016

1. Groommate Silver Wing Nose Clippers

The simplest way to remove nose & ear hair. Without batteries. Works with one hand. Sometimes men don’t know they need this … but loved ones do. $55.00 | more info

2. Hohner Marine Band Harmonica

The most famous harmonica of all time now comes with a free on-line see & hear instruction course. This is the harmonica of Little Walter, Bruce Springsteen, Sonny Boy Williamson, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel and Paul Kelly. Made in Germany. $65.00 | more info

3. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

When the man needs a slab of meat, this is the ultimate way for him to get the crusty exterior and juicy interior of a masterfully cooked steak. Darned heavy. Pre-seasoned, and made in the USA – just around the corner from Jim Beam’s distillery in Tennessee. $75.00

4. Sid Gunner Hair Pomade

Non-greasy moisturiser and tamer of beards, moustaches, and quiffs. From tattooed Tony of Vic Park’s famed Barber’s Lane Barber Shop. A vegan product, and that red colour is pomegranate. $25.00 | more info                          

5. Fiskars Compact Camping Axe

Smallest, lightest, sharpest, coolest hatchet for campers, trekkers, 4wd-ers (yep we really do think this is terrific). Red Dot Design Award Winner 2015. $79.00

6. Mywalit Document Portfolio

A stylish and memorable business essential – so much better than available things from mass stationers. A corporate accessory that’s up there with nicely polished shoes. $215.00 | more info

7. Sparq Sake Set

Sake and Korean Sochu are the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. Here’s the set to serve them. Soapstone is one of the world’s oldest materials temperature for retaining temperature. $55.00

                                                              and for REALLY good Fathers…

Mondaine Stop2Go Wrist Watch

The legendary watch that takes the two second hop at the top of the dial – just like its bigger sisters & brothers on over three thousand Swiss railway stations. $698.00 | more info


For our latest offerings in Fathers Day giftware check out our Fathers Day gift page, regularly updated with new and exciting goodies for your father.

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