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Beatles Deluxe Pen Set

Jun 23, 2017

Sir Paul McCartney announces a December 2017 tour. One of the 20th Century’s greatest songwriters, and mighty fine left-handed upside-down guitarists has people a bit excited. For fans who can’t wait until then, The Good Store reckons the Beatles Deluxe Pen Set is wonderful. Particularly for lovers of his old band – that’s The Beatles, not Wings. T

he Beatles Pen Collection by Acme Studio is a multi-purpose pen set rarity. Only 600 have ever been released worldwide. Each one is numbered, plastic sealed and fully authorised Beatles merch (yes, including by Yoko and Ringo).

Each set is beautifully boxed in wood with a magnetic closure, and contains four pens – rollerball, felt tip, ballpoint, and fountain pen. They’re all interchangeable with a choice of knurled, chrome or rubber front sections. Each pen corresponds to a Beatle and, as boxed, John has the fountain pen… but Paul fans can just switch the fronts if preferred.

The Beatles Collection pens feature hand finished lacquer on brass, and major components are made in Germany by the prestigious Schmidt Company (suppliers to Dupont, Montblanc, and Dunhill). The mid-section of each pen features a unique laser etched edition number to facilitate collectability. Famed American design company Acme Studio has carriage of the project.

We think this is wonderful for anyone who has more than a few Beatles records (sic). Significant birthday ? Retirement present ? Special occasion gift ? Gift to self ? The Beatles Pen Collection is also a lot like a McCartney Australian tour – you’ll likely never see it again.

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