Smartwool Corbet Jacket


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Smartwool Corbet Jacket is the adventure jacket without the Michelin Man look. It was invented to keep out the cold in the Colorado mountains, but because of its tailored cut and lightweight fabric, it can also be worn to dinner at night.

The Smartwool company is based on the wondrous properties of Merino wool. Husband and wife ski instructors Peter & Patty Duke founded the company in 1994. It was the height of the synthetic material craze in adventure wear, and they were annoyed by synthetic shortcomings – including that they made them smell.

Enter New Zealand Merino wool with its breathability, lightness, and no stink qualities – odour causing bacteria don’t have the moist environment they need. The fine-ness of Merino also means that it doesn’t have the itch of broader diameter wools.

The Dukes began manufacturing adventure socks with propriety treated Merino wool in Steamboat Springs, Colorado… and then moved on to bigger things.

The Good Store reckons the hybrid Corbet Jacket is the peak of Smartwool’s achievement. It’s beautiful. It’s an absolute wind-blocker thanks to the synthetic front panels, and mightily comfortable thanks to the Merino blend arms and back.

The Corbet has numerous clever features - extra long arms with grommet holes for each thumb, a breast pocket to fit an iPhone7 or similar, and extra length at the rear to keep kidneys warm. It’s dry in rain, and warm in cold winds, and is relevant to hiking, skiing, cycling, and motor-biking.

And it folds to take up little room when travelling.

Smartwool’s Corbet jacket is named after a legendary 20th century adventurer. Barry Corbet was in the first American team to summit Everest, skiied remote snow slopes, and practically invented the category of extreme adventure film (along the way he was a Camel cigarette model, and mysteriously gained the CIA's Intelligence Star).

Corbet became a paraplegic in a helicopter crash in 1968 whilst filming. He then went on to become the world’s first known paraplegic white water kayaker. He described himself as “The most active gimp who ever lived”.

The Smartwool Corbet Jacket won’t make you a world class adventurer, but offers mighty comfort whilst looking very fine indeed.

  • Machine wash gentle ; Tumble dry low
  • Jackets are slimline Unisex cut. Sizing based on standard male sizes

This item is temporarily out of stock. To register your interest, please click the following button.