Barebones Hori Hori Knife


Barebones Hori Hori Knife is the ultimate versatile garden tool. It can be used for (big breath) : weeding, pruning, transplanting , sawing roots & branches, opening fertiliser bags, digging, hammering, cutting twine, and taking the caps off bottles…and…and lots of other things.

Hori Hori knives began in Japan where they’ve long been used by farmers and bonsai exponents. The name is meaningful: it  translates to “diggy diggy”. So right, because a Hori Hori’s concave blade and pointy end make digging quicker.

Hori Hori knives rose to great prominence in Japan when the emperor Meiji restricted manufacture of Japanese ceremonial swords in the late 1800s. Many swordsmiths turned to the Hori Hori which still functioned for personal defense, whilst also being a useful agricultural tool.

A Hori Hori is now the boom 21st century gardening multi tool worldwide because of its supreme adaptability.

The Barebones company is a conscious capitalism enterprise, specialising in hand tools, based in Utah, USA and combines heritage American outdoors values with international design and production expertise.

Barebones Hori Hori is a hefty beautifully resolved tool. Features include :

  • heat tempered one piece stainless steel blade to avoid rust
  • combination straight and serrated blade for all types of cutting and sawing
  • shaped ergonomic walnut handle for an easy grip
  • flat stainless steel pommel for hammering things
  • depth markings (imperial) on the handle to make digging and seeding simpler;
  • sturdy water resistant waxed canvas sheath has a stainless steel clip for an easy carry, and a strong handle strap to stop the knife moving about.

The Good Store reckons final proof of the design thoroughness of the Barebones Hori Hori is the sheath’s open end to prevent gunk and moisture build-up. And that combo twine cutter and bottle opener…

Specifications : 37cm x 10cm x 3cm ; weight = 0.82kg