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Fjallraven Splitpack

Dec 05, 2018

Splitpack is the first backpack to open in halves like a premium hard sided suitcase . It’s also allowed as plane hand luggage, and beyond airports won’t tear your car upholstery or hurt people nearby (oh the glory of soft sides). It’s also very fine as a gym or sports bag.

Whilst Splitpack looks like a duffel bag, and is mostly worn like a backpack, it’s the way it opens that is the unique feature of the Splitpack. It splits right in halves thanks to the 270 degree zippers, and two internal mesh dividers. This allows one half to be used for fresh clothes, and the other for soiled, or lets couples use a half each. Things are also better held in place with minimal slipping and sliding.

There are small storage options – three internal zippered mesh pockets, and two outside zippered pockets.

Splitpack is easily carried and manoeuvred. The straps are heavily padded for carry comfort. There’s also a pair of webbing grab handles on each end.

The bag body is made from Fjallraven’s esteemed light weight G1000 Eco water resistant canvas – as used by trekkers and mountaineers worldwide. It’s made from wax treated recycled polyester and organic cotton.

The zippers are big and durable with ringlets of sensible size, and can be locked with a padlock (BYO).

Manufacturers Fjallraven are famed for Kanken street backpacks. They’re known in their native Sweden and worldwide as a hard core outdoors product company.

The company was founded in 1960 by inveterate hiker Ake Nordin who despaired of innapropriate outdoor gear – so he started making his own gear on his Mum’s sewing machine.

Nordin died in 2013. The Fjallraven Splitpack has been their runaway post-Nordin success. You can buy it  HERE

The Splitpack continues that tradition in an urban kind of way.

The Good Store dares anyone not to love this.

Dimensions : 48cm x 28cm x 28cm 

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