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Aug 31, 2015

7 Good Fathers Day Presents 

… for Fathers of all sorts. None of these excellent items hitting the mark? Check out our regularly updated Fathers Day gift page.

1. Strandbeest Construction Kit-in-a-box. Mini version of the giant kinetic sculptures by famed Dutch artist Theo Jansen. Keeps Dad busy for an hour or two on the day. Then a huff and a puff, and it does its weird walk   $45

2. Blunt G2 Golf Umbrella. The Mack Daddy of golf umbrellas with a 146cm canopy, and a fibreglass shaft to avoid lightning strikes. Designed by Steve Williams (Adam Scott, and former Tiger Woods caddy).  $159 | More Info
3. Mywalit 1093 Men’s RFID Thin Wallet. At last, the trad gentleman’s wallet gets modern and blocks those RFID scanners and identity theft. It’s thin to avoid backside bulge. And made from saffiano leather – as featured in legendary handbags by Prada, Hermes, and Ferragamo.  $90
4. Falcon Enamelware Shearers Mug. Or Drovers Mug. The absolute classic that holds a bloke size amount of tea, coffee or soup. $7

5. Beatles Deluxe Collectible Pen Set. For very good Fathers. Wooden box of four pens – rollerball, felt tip, ballpoint, and fountain pen (John is the fountain pen). Only 600 released worldwide. Official Beatles merchandise (of course). $450 | More Info


6. Philippi Toothpick Holder. Lets toothpick loving Fathers to be self-sufficient. Metallic and engraveable. $30

7. Metrokane Bullet Cocktail Shaker. A truly shining and beautiful way to make a martini or cocktail. Looks good in use and at rest. $39

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