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Good Gifts for Kids Under 5

Jan 11, 2021

A Good Gift is one they don’t already have. It can be particularly hard for bubs, babies, and youngsters. We reckon The Good Store has the answers. Each of these is a gift of quality and purpose which won’t need re-gifting. Here are Five Good Gifts for Littlies…and one for the room

1. Subo Baby Food Bottle


The biggest secret in baby-land. Stops bub squelching stuff everywhere, but still gives them control of the food. Good for 6months+. Better for environment than alternatives. Invented in Australia…and MADE in AUSTRALIA
Price : $35              Purchase HERE

2. Spinning Train Top


A classic for Grandmas, Uncles, Godparents to have at their place for when littlies come a visiting.
Spinning Train Top is special because it doesn’t just spin – the little train travels around the track with boom gates a-clanging whilst chugging and going choo-choo. Makes bubs up to 3 or 4yo smile and smile…
Price : $53.00                 Purchase HERE

3. Bath Cogs


These can make a child smarter (ok, ok…maybe). It’s a set of five unique plastic spinning cogs that may make a bath more attractive for littlies.

Even more-so, it’s a STEM toy that’s bound to make a child more comfortable with physical and engineering principles. Can only be a good thing…
Price : $18.50              Purchase HERE

4. The Wonderful World of Wren

A charming story for 2-5yolds by WA author Peter Shilkin. Wren really exists and is Peter’s daughter. The tale involves a happy Wren coming across a very grizzly Mr Grimble Grumble Grimble. 

It can be simply read as a good story. It can also be about creating positive messages for youngsters, and also offering them a gentle way to recognise parents dealing with mental health issues. It’s a beautiful book. 
Price : $13.00               Purchase HERE

5. Badger Belly Butter


Badger Belly Balm

But what about Mum ? Soothing organic balm to help the belly bounce back from all that stretching.
Price : $22.00                   Purchase HERE

                                                     …and one for the room


The mighty Minimalist Cuckoo Clock is The Good Store’s fave Gift for 2020. It’s just perfect for bringing charm to a littlie’s bedroom.

The birdy pops out of its little hollow to call the hour. Importantly,
the little cuckoo can also be easily silenced to leave the room in peace. But it’s a gift to last a lifetime….
Price : $215.00                  Purchase HERE


A reminder that The Good Store has lots of other Useful Presents for Kids online, and you can visit our bricks and mortar shop at:
 The Good Store
2/900 Albany Highway
East Victoria Park
Western Australia, 6101

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