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Helle Floating Fishing Knife

Jun 15, 2018

The Helle Hellefisk Knife is the beautiful fishing knife that floats. Made by one of the world’s great knife companies. The cork grip allows it to float, and also helps with grip when in scaly, bloody, or slippery environments. 

Hellefisk in Norwegian means ‘Halibut’ – nod to its fishing knife purpose, although it’s good for general boning. This is a serious but beautiful tool to last a lifetime. And to be passed to future generations.

The Helle company was founded by brothers Steinar and Sigmund Helle on their childhood  farm in Holmeland, Norway in 1932. Whilst production has moved  to Holmedal in Norway, the commitment to quality and function in nature continues. They continue to spurn automated production, and up to forty five manual steps can be involved in producing a single knife.

Their Hellefisk Floating Knife has a flexible blade made from sandvik stainless steel (12C27). It’s triple laminated, in a process unique to Helle. The Hellefisk’s blade is thinner and less flexible than most of their other knives.

 The sheath is Helle’s famed leather sheath engraved with their longship logo atop a string of fish. You can buy it  HERE

    Specifications : Total length = 25 cm ; blade = 12 cm ; weight = 64 grams

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