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Joco Cup Glass Takeaway Cup

Jul 10, 2017

Joco is the original re-usable glass takeaway cup. A pre-requisite for beverage drinkers to fight the war on waste – no trees cut down, and no rubbish generated. The Good Store says after a lot of looking : this is the best you can get !

Joco is really good for a lot of reasons :

  • it makes things taste great because it’s glass
  • thermal silicone sleeve avoids a hot hand
  • best fitting lid to avoid lid anxiety. No drips or dribbles (silicone fits better than hard plastic lids)
  • Unique dome shape top allows nose clearance when sipping
  • lid is splash-proof*
  • cyclonic base shape helps sugar dissolve more easily when stirred
  • dishwasher and microwave safe
  • everything is recyclable

The glass used for the Joco Cup is borosilicate glass – as used in laboratories. Because it’s glass, it can break but (in combination with the sleeve) is sturdy enough to be legitimately termed ‘shock resistant’. Unlike other types of glass it isn’t etched by coffee’s acids.

The Joco Company is Australian (based in Torquay on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road) and has been around for a long time : it was in 2010 when company co-founders and friends Matt Colegate and Greg Jones first noticed disposable coffee cups overflowing from rubbish bins, and recognised a problem that needed solving.

In 2012 the Joco patent was registered, the company was born, and Australia’s first glass takeaway cup was produced. Joco Cups are now available worldwide…and in The Good Store. We stock the barista sized 350ml/12oz Joco Cup because it’s wonderful, and commend it to all. You can buy it HERE

*or as Joco’s patent application explained : “the underside of the lid has a ridge that leads to the sipper hole, preventing splashback of liquid without hindering flow…” 

–          1st Place, Coffee Fest NYC 2014

Specifications : 8.9cm x 13.5cm x 8.9cm ;  capacity = 12 fluid ounces/ 350ml ;  weight = 245g

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