Gardening tools are the essence of Useful Presents. The Good Store has a broad range of things from around the world – including Englands famed Burgon & Ball tools, Haws watering cans, Felco's Swiss-made pruners, and Eva Solo's Scandinavian Flowerpots.

And not forgetting our inexpensive and wonderful Oasis Thorn Stripper - to avoid being pricked by roses.

Sorry, we can't help with soil quality or weather…

Eco Pot Maker


Eva Solo Bird Feeder


Opinel #10 Folding Pruning Knife


Eva Solo Self Watering Flower Pot

Burgon & Ball Trimming Shears


Burgon & Ball Dibbler


Scratch Protector Gloves


Burgon and Ball Onion Weeder / Fern Trowel