Blunt UmbrellaS is the original wind-proof stick umbrella. They're the only ones that The Good Store sees fit to sell. They're so good they all have a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY. It's a radical re-design of the standard umbrella. won't break, tear, or turn inside out, and it's beautiful to use and behold. They have sizes fit for golf to walking the dog, and for folding down to fit in a bag...and a special folding one for blocking UV.

Blunt Umbrellas are a unique new approach to umbrella design. They're named because of their blunt edges which are bereft of sharp pointy bits that snap and poke people's eyes. 

There's a different strut structure, and telescopic ribs which distribute wind force evenly along the edge of the canopy. At the end of each bendy strut there are little springs rather than the usual vulnerable threads. It all leads to a lack of stress points and safe shelter in winds up to 100km/hr. 

And it's bendy – working on judo principals to work with the wind rather than using the rigid frame of failed predecessors. 

They are a constant joy to open. They open and close without that normal little annoying metal locking clip that pinches your finger. There's an ergonomic plastic collar which glides easily and positively to open and close. It feels good. 

New Zealander Greig Brebner invented the Blunt after getting sick of being poked by umbrellas whilst working in London. That was in 1999. It's taken this long for successful mass production. He's now based in his native Auckland. 

Blunt describe their umbrellas as a pro-environment statement against 'throw-awayism'. It's an umbrella for a long term relationship. 

  • 5 year guarantee 

Blunt Umbrella XS Metro


Blunt Umbrella Classic


Blunt XS Metro +UV Umbrella


Blunt XL Umbrella

Blunt Umbrella Golf


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