Mondaine Watches

The Mondaine watch and clock face is one of the world's revered designs. It tells the time clearly and simply with no fuss. And without the aid of numerals. Author Werner Huber credits this as one of Switzerland's three great traditions – along with the Alps and direct democracy.

Hans Hilfiker created this design for Swiss Federal Railways in 1944 for use on the railway platforms of Switzerland. Tourists were having problems in a country where things ran on time, and they needed a clear visual aide. Hilfiker's Swiss Railways Clock was universally acclaimed - right down to the now famous red second hand, inspired by the little red paddle waved by station masters at departure time.

In 1986, Switzerland's Mondaine Watch Company was granted permission to translate the iconic Swiss Railways Clock onto a wrist band. It was quickly inducted into the Permanent Design Collection at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Guggenheim, Bilbao. The wider world has since clamoured to possess its simple design and long lasting functionality.

The Mondaine watch face became very newsworthy in a 21st century way when it was famously and expensively incorporated without permission in Apple's iPhone5.

The Good Store features the Mondaine Evo2 wrist watch range. This is the 21st century update of the first 1986 Mondaines - refined to fit flatter to the wrist with slightly refined case, lugs, rounded case back, re-designed crown, and with sapphire glass (rather than traditional mineral glass) to better resist scratches.

Mondaine watches offer value, precision and clean design that is as relevant today as it was in 1944. All watches are made in Switzerland and proudly sold in Australia by The Good Store. And (because they're an over $200 item) we ship them for free.

Mondaine 30mm Evo2 Black Strap


Mondaine 35mm Evo2 Red Strap


Mondaine 35mm Evo2 Black Strap


Mondaine Simply Elegant 36mm Red Strap

Mondaine 35mm Evo2 Mesh Strap


Mondaine Simply Elegant 36mm Mesh Strap


Mondaine Giant 42mm


Mondaine Mini Giant 35mm Red Strap