Orbitkey Key Holders

The Orbitkey is the award winning organised keyholder that stops the jangling, avoids scratching your other stuff, is nice to hold...and looks very smart indeed. Orbitkey organises your keys because it makes sure that a particular key is always in the same spot when you want to use it - house key on the far left, best friend's door key on the far right, etc.

And the "nice to hold" factor really matters : It offers something much bigger to hold onto than a fiddly little key, and makes it much easier and quicker to unlock doors (anyone with grip issues needs an Orbitkey NOW).

It's also easy to add or subtract keys with Orbitkey – it's easily unlocked with a five or ten cent piece. You can keep adding up to eight or nine keys. There's a special D-ring attachment for hefty car keys. They won't fit inside with regular keys, but then again car keys are often the ones worth flaunting… and used most frequently.

Orbitkey is an Australian invention. It's the work of young Australian RMIT Design School Graduate Charles NG and his pharmacist friend Rex Kuo. They both hated jangly keys, and Charles became increasingly annoyed by them when he went for his morning jog. A Kickstarter campaign went on to become one of the most successful in Australian crowd-funding history. Now the result is literally at hand.

Not to rest on their laurels, Orbitkey was given a gentle update in 2017 to make it lighter and slimmer.

- IF International Design Award 2018

 - Winner, (Australian) Product Design Award 2015, Product Design, Housewares, Fashion & Objects.    

  - Gold Award, Melbourne Design Awards 2014


Editorial alert:  The Good Store loves these. We think it's the best ! Most of us now use an Orbitkey Key Holder and can bang on about it for ages. We dare you to try us.

Specifications :  length = 85mm ; width = 19mm ; holds keys measuring 60mm  hole to tip, key hole minimum 4mm diameter. 

* Provide your own keys. Bottle opener, USB stick, and Multi-tool available separately.

Orbitkey Nylon Key Holder


Orbitkey Leather Stitched


Orbitkey Active rubber


Orbitkey Black on Black Leather

Orbitkey Canvas


Orbitkey Multi Tool


Orbitkey Bottle Opener


Orbitkey USB Memory Stick