S'Well Drink Bottle

S'well Drink Bottle is the world's most desirable drink bottle. It can be taken into any environment and still look good. It makes an owner proud at the gym, on a corporate desk, in a bag, at sporting sidelines, or at the beach.

S'well bottles are more than their streamlined milk bottle shape. They're made from stainless steel, and really do keep fluids cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12 hours. Their double walled construction means they don't leave condensation on table tops, and hands feel neither heat nor cold when holding a S'well.

Each bottle is unbreakable, re-useable, non-leaching, toxic free, and is comfortable to drink from without dribbling. It takes carbonated drinks, doesn't taste of metal, and the throat is wide enough for iceblocks.

And there’s more : S’well Bottles have a watertight cap - seriously, they will not drip. The coarse thread of the cap also means it takes just a few turns to screw and unscrew.

The S'well company only began in 2010. CEO & Founder Sarah Kauss had been hiking in Arizona's Sonoran Desert when she first became peeved that she had to drink warm water. A later Harvard Business School reunion confirmed her decision to make a better water bottle.

A few years on… and her company make the world's hottest/coolest insulated drink bottles, and gives a 2015 donation of $100,000 to Unicef Clean Water Projects.

S'well Insulated Bottles really do what they're supposed to do. They're a premium bottle appropriate to even The Good Store's most gorgeous customers. Sarah Kauss happily recognises that, in retrospect, the Swell idea may have been to bring back the old Thermos technology, but in a hip and durable form. Success.

These bottles mostly come in the 500ml size which sits handsomely on a desk and fits easily into a bag, and standard cup holders.

A few designs are available in a 750ml capacity which holds a bottle of wine without need for an ice bucket - handy for picnics and outdoor concerts. The Champagne colour also comes in a 260ml which is useful for nursing parents because it keeps baby's milk warm without risking refusal at cafes. On the other end of the demographic spectrum, 260ml is a handy small size for folk needing just enough fluids to help medication go down.

S'well Champagne 750/500ml


S'well White Birch 750ml/500ml


S'well White Marble 750ml/500ml


S'well Wenge Wood 500ml

S'well London Chimney 750ml/500ml