Nuuna Notebooks

Nuuna Notebooks are the reigning World Champions – winners of the esteemed Red Dot Frankfurt Design Fair Award 2016. They’re made in Germany, and beloved worldwide for writing, drawing, and BUJO (bullet journaling).

Each page of these notebooks features the hot-right-now Dot Grid system, which gives guidance for usage without inhibiting typeface or drawing. It’s much less intrusive than standard lined or squared (quadrille) paper, for example.

Nuuna is famous for Dot Grid because they invented it (in 2001). They use it exclusively and remain the only stationery company offering their iconic 3.5mm sized Grid.

There’s also 256 pages of this – lots more than other notebooks. A Nuuna will therefore last for much longer.

The quality of Nuuna paper is premium – uncoated 120gsm paper from the Munken Paper Company, Sweden. It’s pure white, and free of bleeding and show-throughs (ok, textas excluded). These Notebooks also open completely and lay flat. No more putting things on the page to keep it open. Writing across two pages is a breeze. Thread-stitching makes it possible.

The covers are soft which helps journals lay flat, and makes them more comfortable to use. Rounded corners also contribute to the comfort factor. Materials used are either bonded (recycled) leather or jeans label material (cellulose).

The 2016 Red Dot Design Awards summed up Nuuna’s positive features in saying that their “craftsmanship and high quality standards are without comparison”. Naturally, Nuuna notebooks also carry full European environmental accreditation.

Nuuna are made by the Brandbook, a Frankfurt company long specialising in premium custom notebooks, prior to creating their own totally superior notebook brand.

Germany is an appropriate source of notebooks – it was German inventor Johannes Gutenberg who invented the modern Printing Press around 1440, and produced the first coloured prints soon after. The Printing Press is acclaimed by many as the most important invention of its millennium.

Gutenberg’s work led to an enduring history of quality printing and publishing in Germany. Nuuna continues that tradition, and their award winning products are solely bound and printed in Germany using that premium Swedish paper.

Nuuna Notebooks are not cheap. That’s because they’re truly excellent. The unique cover designs with integrated coloured and patterned edges make each notebook a design object, and a distinctive daily pleasure to have in a bag or about the house.They’re truly an affordable luxury for anyone with a love of the written word.

Beautiful Nuuna Notebooks are featured at the famed Colette in Paris, and The Red Dot Design Museum Singapore. The Good Store is closer.

There’s a huge variety of Nuuna Covers. They come and go quickly. If you’d like to know what’s in stock, ring us on 08 9361 8271 (after 10am Perth time), and we’ll take a pic and send it to you…

Nuuna A5 Notebook - Oh Yeah


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