Dog Body Care, Natural Dog Products

Organic Pet Pharmacy Dog Body Care Products are the only doggy skin and coat care products that treat dogs as seriously as humans. Whilst acknowledging that our fave doggy needs a different Ph level to a human.

The Organic Pet Company is based in WA, and their products are Made In Australia. Founder Belle Mason’s background is in the human cosmetics industry. Her commitment is to all-natural non-toxic products, with no animal testing, and no parabens or other nasties. Worthy of a best friend.

These fine products can deter insects, help pooches with skin dryness, resist infections, shampoo and condition doggy coats. And the Parfum (yes really) can make flash dogs smell as good as they look.

Natural essential oils used include the famed antiseptic and softening Manuka essential oil, soothing Abyssinica oil, Rosemary, Marshmallow Root and other natural oils – all scrupulously listed on the label. For the benefit of dog and companion.

Bug Me Not Dog Insect Spray 100ml


Manuka Dog Ointment 45grm


Calming Dog Shampoo 250ml


Classic Dog Conditioner 250ml

Couch Poppy Dog Parfum 50ml