Zojirushi Vacuum Flasks & Bottles

The Zojirushi company is Asia’s most famous manufacturer of vacuum flasks. They began in Japan in 1918 and were a world pioneer in hand blown glass vacuum bottles. They expanded into commercial small appliances such as breadmakers, and massively popular rice cookers.

They adopted the name Zojirushi (pron. zoh-jee-roo-chee) in 1961. The name is Japanese for 'elephant brand' and now their lucky little elephant logo is world renowned for quality.

Their products are environmentally positive because of their quality - purchase once, never throw them away, use them for ages...


Zojirushi Super Sports Drink Bottle 2litre


Zojirushi Flip-Open Drink Flask 480ml


Zojirushi Glass Lined Vacuum Jug


Zojirushi Flip-Open Drink Flask 600ml