DeWit Garden Tools

DeWit is one of the world’s truly great garden tool manufacturers – hand forged, made in the Netherlands, and with a lifetime guarantee.

They are a beautiful pro-environment statement. Unlike those cheap nasty tools that break and need to be continually re-purchased , DeWitt last and won’t add to landfill.

With DeWit the wooden handles don’t split, blade angles and steel formula have been refined over many years. And all are made from FSC accredited suataunable foresr wood. The tempered steel component bears a distinctive blackened patina that references the Edwardian era.

DeWit Tools also pass the Bend Test : nasty lesser hand tools will bend where the handle meets the blade. Not DeWit.

They’ve long been the tool of choice in their home country where gardening is taken very seriously (think tulips, think Netherlands). 

DeWit is a family company. It was founded in 1989 in Kornhorn, Netherlands by Willam DeWit, the local blacksmith. It’s currently managed by his great great grandson Derk DeWit.

DeWit have a wonderful motto :  “more than just tools, they are an heirloom”.

DeWit Dibber


DeWit Planting Trowel


DeWit Potting Trowel


DeWit 3 Tine Cultivator