Barebones Tools

Barebones Outdoors Tools are the essence of a good and simple tool – they’re beautifully made to last, and have a lifetime guarantee to prove it.

Each tool draws on the American heritage of the great outdoors – with a passing nod to the old American reverence for a simple tool as displayed by the likes of the Quakers, the Shakers …and the Boy Scouts of America. At the core of Barebones products are the words of great American naturist and conservationist – John Burroughs :

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put in order”

The Barebones company draws on the traditional tool essence whilst drawing from international design and production expertise to deliver a 21st century tool with old school values.

In addition, Barebones tools come with a social bonus – the company exists to do good. They are an example of conscious capitalism working to help needy communities worldwide to help themselves.

Utah businessman (and longtime Boy Scout) Robert Workman founded Barebones after cashing out of his craft & hobby supply business to pursue things specifically humanitarian. His companies have since played a part in projects such as providing shelter to Americans displaced by Hurricane Sandy, to nowadays providing hand tools to help communities create self-sufficiency and jobs in countries as diverse as Congo, Indonesia, Haiti and Ghana.

Each Barebones tool comes with the absolute knowledge that it’s good at what it does, and a free exta of doing a bit of good for the world.

Barebones Hori Hori Knife


Barebones Harvesting and Gathering Bag


Barebones Cultivator


Barebones Hand Spade