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Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Feb 09, 2018

Lamy’s Safari Fountain is the fountain pen that German school students learn to write with – before being allowed to use a ballpont pen. If the Safari can survive that, it’s obviously durable as well as good looking.

Lamy has pioneered 21st Century Fountain Pens as a wonderful aid to personality, individuality and self expression. Any contract is improved if signed in fountain pen. 

The Safari Fountain Pen is here to help. It’s comfy to hold because it features a triangular grip – a rarity among fountain pens. This also helps to stop it rolling off desks. The look of casual elegance is completed by the brass paperclip-like clip on it’s cap.

Lamy Pens have won more international awards than any other brand. Inspired by the Bauhaus design movement, Lamy pens are sleek, minimal, and beautiful.

Lamy is a family company founded in 1930 by the original Herr (Josef) Lamy. They first became famous for incorporating plastics into the body of pens – thereby keeping the price of a quality pen affordable. The Safari Fountain pen is the proof.

They’re also known in Germany for their industrial relations policy of incorporating workers at their Heidelberg factory into shareholders. 

The Safari Fountain Pen is large but light – because of its ABS plastic case. It comes with a blue T10 Lamy ink cartridge (whilst originally with blue ink, other colours readily available) and it’s easily modified for bottled ink using a Lamy Z24 Converter. The polished steel nib included is a medium. Fine, broad, and left handed nibs are readily available. You can buy it  HERE

– IF Design Award, Europe 1981

Dimensions :  13.8 x 1.4 x 1.4cm  . Comes with medium nib and blue ink.

     – Made in Germany

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