Travel Gifts & Travel Accessories Online

It is with Travel Gifts and Travel Accessories online that The Good Store's slogan "Useful Presents" comes to the fore : from the simple foolproof GoToob bottle for shampoos, the Mighty Wallet passport holder that protects without making inspection difficult, the great little Braun travel alarm, or a Loqi Luggage Cover so your suitcase stands out at an airport carousel can all enhance the joy of travel.

We're puzzled that so many gifts generally available in this category are bogus, unnecessary, or silly (e.g. a passport cover with "Passport" written on it, just in case a thief misses it the first time. Indeed !). The Good Store has a tightly curated offering of Travel Gifts & Accessories that a recipient likely won't have, and definitely would enjoy. 

Either The Good Store Staff or our customers use these and can vouch for them. Oh to be able to use them more often.

Lingo Language Playing Cards


Fjallraven Splitpack Regular


Butt Naked Travel Pack


Karlstert Shopping Trolley

Self Inflating Stadium Cushion (with back)


Steripen Quantum Portable Water Purifier


Good Flight Travel Pillow


Fjallraven Splitpack Large

Oasis Tea Vacuum Flask


Oasis Coffee Vacuum Flask


Nite Ize Cinch a Lot Stretch Strap


Summertime Concert Seat

Skip Hop Outdoor Blanket


Loqi Luggage Cover


Biolite Charge 20 Phone Charger


Anodised Tumblers (4 set)

Retap Glass Water Bottles


Braun Travel Alarm Clock


Atka Spork



Annabel Trends Safe Keeper


Midori Traveler's Notebook Refills


GoToobs Travel Bottles


Loqi Shopper Bag/Tote

Crumpled City Maps


Annabel Trends iMask Eye Mask


Annabel Trends Travel Atomiser


Design Go Travel Sentry Strap

Design Go Check Strap


Worldwide Adaptor


Design Go Travel ID Tags


Midori Traveler's Notebook

Self Inflating Stadium Cushion