Pens, Journals, Stationery & Books

Stationery matters. A growing number of international companies remain committed to the grace and elegance that the hand-written word bestows on a communication. This commitment is represented by Blackwing pencils from Japan, Hong Kong's buttery Daycraft journals, a unique bookmark from Troika Germany, and the USA's indestructable Fisher Space pens (check it out to end an urban myth).

These companies and many others take their lead from history whilst acknowledging the technology and consumers of the 21st century. To touch their products is to feel a small pleasure, whilst allowing the expression of the inner individual. I am I said !

Cross Century II Obama Rollerball Pen


Perpetua Recycled Pencil


Daycraft Animal Pals Notebooks


Perpetua Recycled Pencil Set

Daycraft Art Deco A5 Notebook


Diplomat Aero Ballpoint Pen


Mywalit 1804 Document Portfolio


The Beatles Deluxe Pen Collection

Standardgraph Calligraphy Set


Daycraft Signature Notebook Lined


Palomino Coloured Pencil Set (12)


Daycraft Signature Notebook Sketch

Palomino Blackwing Pencil


Fisher Space Pen


Fisher Trekker Pen


PenAgain Ergosof

Palomino Longpoint Pencil Sharpener


Cross Ballpoint Refill (pair)


Cross Rollerball Refill


Cross Felt Tip Refill

Waldmann Eco Ballpoint


Troika Germany Construction Pen