Trunki Ride On Suitcases

Anything that reduces the level of stress when travelling with children is a blessing to mankind, surely? One company that’s come up with an innovative approach to the problem of how to distract kids during the long hours of airline travel is Trunki. Their range of children’s ride on suitcases came to prominence when its British inventor presented an early version on the UK television series Dragon’s Den. The Dragons missed their opportunity to invest in Trunki, but it has since sold in huge numbers around the globe, prompting one Dragon to name Trunki as "the one that got away".

Trunki suitcases are now made in the UK. And they've since earned a number of awards, including: 

  • Best Travel Brand, UK Nursery Industry Awards 2014 
  • Time Magazine must have travel accessory 2007 
  • IF Award Product Design Award Design 2007 

A Trunki ride on suitcase can carry up to 50kg, and has a capacity of 18 litres. With its distinctive horn or ear-like handles, it can be sat on, ridden, pulled or carried by shoulder strap. Every Trunki has internal cross straps to organise the contents, and there’s even a secret compartment for special little possessions. And every Trunki comes with its own passport.

Suitable for 2-5 year olds, Trunki luggage not only provides convenient storage for all the books, games, clothes and toys children need en route, but it gives kiddies something to sit and play on, too.

Add in the funky animal-themed styling and near- indestructible construction, the Trunki is the answer to a harassed parent’s prayer.

As well as the Trunki’s convenience, it’s also a way of getting kids to start taking responsibility for their own stuff – deciding for themselves what to pack and what to leave behind, when preparing to go on holiday.

The Good Store was one of Australia’s first stockists of Trunki. We think they’re wonderful.

Trunki Harley Ladybug


Trunki Frieda Cow Ride On Suitcase


Trunki Bernard Bee


Trunki Trixie Pink

Trunki Zebra Zimba Ride On Suitcase


Trunki Tipu Tiger


Trunki Bronco Horse Ride On Suitcase


Trunki Gerry Giraffe Ride on Suitcase

Trunki Bluebell Pony Ride on Suitcase


Trunki Hello Kitty Ride On Suitcase