Mywalit Women's Purses and Bags

Mywalit wallets, purses, and bags are the colourful soft ones. The colours cause smiles, and the softness of the leather leads to furtive stroking. They're just beautiful ! The cleverness of the Mywalit colour palette easily reflects a wearer's personality whilst looking smart with a variety of outfits for a range of occasions. The palette is based on colour therapy principles to make the user feel good. The colours are achieved by intensive drum drying so they aren't just surface deep. They're fade resistant and much less embarrassed by scratches and stains.

These wallets are the most stroked thing in The Good Store. The colour dyeing process adds much to the softness and suppleness of the Mywalit Japanese leather, but the use of nappa leather makes them irresistible. Nappa is the hard to obtain belly leather which hasn't been subject to weathering. Think baby's bottom.

The Mywalit company was founded by Englishman Chris Howell in Lucca, Tuscany in 2005. He'd sold his previous leather goods company with the aim of a forty year retirement. But he just couldn't resist a comeback… Like the Blues Brothers, he put the band back together. For him that meant starting with one of the world's super premium leather manufacturers in Thailand, and ensuring that all other elements of a Mywalit followed suit. In contemporary, practical styling - right down to the pen included with many of the styles. These wallets are now sold at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. They're Art you can use.

Mywalit 1244 Coin pouch


Mywalit 237 Matinee Purse


Mywalit 1806 Cross Body Flight Bag


Mywalit 1220 Zip Round Multi Purse

Mywalit 229 Zippered Purse


Mywalit 1240 Ziparound Wallet & Phone Holder


Mywalit 313 Large Coin Purse


Mywalit 375 Lge Double Zip Purse

Mywalit 226 Small Zip Around Purse


Mywalit 250 Double Flap Purse


Mywalit 1239 Small Ziparound Trifold