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Microplane Zester And Grater

Feb 05, 2019

Microplane Premium Classic Zester is the Original ! As used by Jamie, Nigella, Maggie, Gordon and Stephanie. One of the great kitchen inventions of the 90s.

The Microplane Grater was originally a wood rasp before a Canadian woman used it in desperation to zest an orange for an Armenian Orange Cake… bingo ! It works because it cuts whilst others rip – a process called photo etching creates the holes, rather than the traditional one of punching holes in metal.

Normal box graters are hard to clean because you need to get your hand up inside – not so with the microplane. Furthermore, the teeth don’t clog, its dishwasher safe, and the comfortable soft santaprene rubber handle makes for a perfect grip.

And not only but also : there are now many dodgy copies around of this around. Remember that the Microplane Grater Zester is the original. And for anyone in the kitchen, the best and only choice.

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