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Mino Portable Personal Bluetooth Speaker

Nov 23, 2018

Mino is the only speaker the size of a coffee pod that sounds fabulous. Just synch it to your phone’s Bluetooth and away you go with music, podcasts…whatever.

A customer told us the story of being at the MoMa Gift Store in Manhattan, seeing these tiny speakers selling crazy quickly…and being told it was their hottest thing in memory.

In The Good Store it goes like this : people pick it up and wonder what this little shiny metallic thing is; then we hit the GO button on our phone and Mino leaps into musical action…and people get startled and impressed; then we put the phone down and aim it, wander away and click Mino’s bottom to fire off a selfie (really).

Then it’s just about the colour choice. It comes in the peppy colours of shiny old-school milkshake cups.

Mino comes from famed French design company Lexon -they say he’ll go for two hours on a full charge, but The Good Store finds that he lasts most of the day at normal volume. He charges up via USB in half an hour.

This is a truly personal speaker !

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