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Mondaine Evo Wrist Watch

Jul 07, 2015

Mondaine Evo Wrist Watch is one of the world’s great watch designs.  It just tells the time very clearly and simply, without fuss or even  numerals. It’s so good that it’s in the Permanent Design Collection at the Museum  of  Modern  Art  NYC.

The Mondaine Evo is known as the Swiss Railway Watch, and it has a red second hand to prove it : its creation dates from 1944 when Swiss Railways set  revered designer Hans Hilfiker to the task of creating a clock face for easy reading on the railway stations of Switzerland. Hilfiker succeeded  with something as clean as the Swiss Alps … and the famous red second hand inspired by the paddle waved by Swiss train guards at departure time. 

The Mondaine Watch Company licensed Hilfiker’s famous wall clock design to the more portable wristwatch form in 1986. The current Evo name is short for Evolution – the breakthrough refinement of their first version. Nowadays the Evo comes in a variety of sizes (in addition to the original 35mm diameter) and also includes models with  a date option.

This watchface gained even greater attention when Apple – in what was an expensive oversight – used the famous face without permission in the Apple iPhone5.

The Good Store loves Mondaine Evo Watches. We love its history. We love its simplicity. And we love the story told of the famed lateral thinker Edward de Bono,  who is said to have walked into an airport watch store. He grumped when he saw hundreds of watches, but not one he could read the time on. He needed a Mondaine Evo.

  – featured, Phaidon definitive book Design Classics

   – permanent collection Museum of Modern Art NYC

   – made in Switzerland

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