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Retap Glass Water Bottle

Nov 24, 2017

Retap Water Bottles are for people who like glass and the environment. They subtly make drinking tap water more pleasurable to drink, while underlining the idea that tap water from a re-usable bottle is the most eco-friendly way to quench thirst.

The name Retap says it all – it stands for REfill withTAP water. Have a bottle, take it to a tap and fill, use until empty … and repeat. For years.

The glass used is borosilicate glass – as used in test tubes. It’s a premium product which means a drinking glass can be sturdy, lighter and thinner.

  • warranty against breakage – if your Retap breaks, just send us a picture and we’ll replace it.

  • imparts no taste or taint

  • the mouth of the bottle is standard through the differing sizes. It’s slightly larger than soft drink bottles and has a satisfying      strong water flow.

  • leak-proof – thanks to a recyclable phthalate-free, and BPA-free elastomer cap. It can be kept in a bag or rolling around on a car seat without spillage

  • the small and medium Retaps fit in most car cup holders

  • dishwasher and microwave safe

The Retap company was formed in Denmark in 2010 after the co-founders saw the documentary Garbage Island about a rubbish & plastic bottle Gyre floating in the North Pacific. They created a re-usable glass bottle as part of an end to un-necessary non-recyclable plastic junk.

A Retap Water Bottle isn’t as cheap as other bottles. It’s the essence of the idea that the greatest design looks the simplest – there’s no neon lights here. What a Retap Water Bottle does do is offer value. A wonderful cost-per-use proposition : they’re so beautiful to use that owners will use them constantly for a long long time. And drink a lot more water.

• Good Design Award 2012

• Red Dot Design 2011

• Made in Czechia (glass bottle) and Denmark (lid)

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