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Secrid RFID Mini Wallet

Sep 20, 2018

Secrid Mini Wallet is the most popular wallet in the store’s history – the first wallet to combine RFID blocking capacity (to avoid identity theft) with minimalism. It was at the forefront of small, compact swallets with room only for the neccessary.

Secrid Mini Wallet is a swank leather card and banknote holder that fits easily into a front pocket and other small spaces. It has a nifty little ejector lever that pops credit cards up in a tier for easy selection.

The heart of the Secrid Mini Wallet is its aluminium interior compartment. It holds four or five credit cards and protects them from bending or scatching. And it acts as a firewall to block scanners  from reading card RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) chips – these chips are on common credit cards and have sufficient personal details for a thief to become the new you.

Secrid Minis also have unguarded outside pockets for extra less personal cards such as transport passes, building security swipe cards, and others that DO need to be easily swiped within the wallet. In total, this means the wallet holds a total of around ten cards.

And last century isn’t totally forgotten – Secrid Mini Wallet also has an internal plastic billfold for necessary paper (?) money.

The Secrid company is Dutch. It was founded by product designer Rene van Geer and his fashion design partner Marianne van Sasse van IJsselt. They’d earlier designed a very humble plastic card holder called The Bodycard that sold 700,000 units in the Netherlands alone. The Secrid Mini Wallet was released in 2009 and attained even greater commercial success – one in fifty people in the Netherlands currently own a Secrid.

Secrid is an Ethical Producer. Their wallets are made in the Netherlands in clean factories, with proper working conditions, and fair pay. These are beautifully made, sumptuous to touch, and help one look ones best

  • Red Dot Design Award 2010                  
  • Two year guarantee    

                       Dimensions :  63mm x 102mm x 8mm 

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