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Seven Presents For Seven Fathers 2016

Aug 11, 2016

Fathers Day 2016 is getting close – it’s on Sunday 4th September. If you’re lucky enough to have a (good) Dad, The Good Store is proud to put its hand in the air to flaunt our goodies. Each can be used and remembered years from now – by all types of fathers. If none of these quite hit the mark fear not, we’ve got a regularly updated page of gifts specially chosen for the fathers of the world.

1. Bob Cooper Survival Kit

The Ultimate kit for trekkers, trackers, 4WD-ers and folk who really like to get away from it all. Bob’s from WA, and trains elite military troops in survival. His kit has tweezers, Condy’s crystals, wire, compass, whistle, etc … and a teabag. Bob Cooper first tested this in WA’s Pilbara in 1984. Now, he reckons he’s got it right. $95.00 | More Info

2. Seward Tinned White Handkerchiefs

Those maiden Aunts just don’t give hankies anymore. Manchester stores are hard to find anyway. Seward have been doing these retro classics for ages. Crisp, white, cotton. Six of the best. $20.00 more info

3. Normann Copenhagen Long Shoehorn

Bet he doesn’t have one of these ? Award winning 71cm Long Shoehorn. For shoe people – gentler on expensive shoes, makes getting into them easier…and avoids bending. *BYO shoes.

4. Liam Leather Backpack

The dressy backpack in naturally tanned full thickness leather. The rare backpack that works as casual, but does justice to a nice suit in a corporate environment. Takes up to 15″ laptop. Stock is occasional and limited. $298.00 | more info

5. Mywalit RFID Blocking Thin Wallet

An up-to-date refinement of the contemporary gent’s wallet. Lined to prevent scanners and identity theft. Note section, ten credit card slots, and ID window. In Saffiano leather – as developed by Mario Prada in the 1940s for ease of cleaning and water resistance.

6. Featherball

Yep, an oversized shuttlecock. Actually one of the most widely played sports in Asia – where it is kicked or juggled by foot. He can kick this around the house, be a football superstar, and not break a thing.

… and for Really good Dads

7. Beatles Deluxe Pen Set

This is special. One of only 600 worldwide. Four pens – one for each Beatle. There’s a rollerball, ballpoint, felt-tip, and John has the fountain pen. Interestingly, they’re inter-changeable. Major components are made in Germany by the revered Schmidt Company. All in a lacquered box. $450.00 | more info

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