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Soursop Green Tea

Jan 13, 2016

Soursop Green Tea is green tea without the bitter after taste. It’s fragrant in a citrus kind of way, and tastes as good as it smells. It has all those healthy green tea anti-oxidants, but you can drink more. It’s Sri Lankan green tea, but the addition of soursop is the X factor.

Soursop is a type of custard apple which originated in the Americas, and is now common right through Asia and the sub-continent. Its addition takes the bitter edge off the green tea and makes it taste better (according to our customers)

Ever since we opened, The Good Store has been offering this to customers as they stroll, and it’s the beverage that practically everybody enjoys.

Soursop is held in awe in the West Indies. They use Soursop leaves & roots as a folk remedy for blood pressure, fever, diabetes, indigestion… and more serious conditions. The calming effect of soursop extract is also used as a sleep aide.

Whilst the medical fraternity isn’t necessarily in total agreement, all those green tea antioxidants should be doing some good.

This tea is from the Mlesna Tea Company of Sri Lanka. Each box or tin holds 100grams of  leaf tea. It’s the only Soursop Green Tea in the world which uses genuine Soursop extract rather than imitation. That’s why it’s so good.

In Ukraine, drinking this tea is a political and feminist act. Orange Revolution leader Yulia Tymoshenko named this as her favourite drink in a media interview, and its use was adopted by her followers – during her time as Prime Minister, her time when jailed by the political opposition… and subsequently. Ukraine is now the biggest world market of this Sri Lankan tea.

In Victoria Park, WA we drink Mlesna Soursop Green Tea for all sorts of reasons.

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