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Stapless Stapler

Mar 02, 2018

The Staple-less Stapler or staple-free stapler is the humble masterpiece that really doesn’t use staples – or anything. There’s nothing to ever run out of. It clips up to six sheets of paper together, just by punching thru a little tuft of paper and threading it back over itself. Magic.

The Stapless Stapler ™ is made from lightweight aluminium and promises not to puncture your flesh, or break fingernails when you want to reverse the process for shredding or recycling. Plus, it takes up hardly any room, is extremely cute, and is nice to the environment because it avoids (even small) waste.

The first patent applications for a Staple-less stapler appeared in the USA around 1919, but for some reason staple-less staplers have never had a presence in stationery shops. Is this a conspiracy by the people who make staples ?  You can buy it  HERE

                 Dimensions :  5cm high x 5.5cm x 6cm

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