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Subo Baby Food Bottle

Aug 15, 2018

Subo Soft Food Bottle is the ultimate soft way for toddlers to feed themselves on puree, yoghurt, mash, smoothies, or any soft food. It’s a total winner for convenience and the environment. And it’s made, designed, and owned in Australia !

The essence of Subo is that it’s not squeezable, unlike those messy and environmentally nasty disposable soft food pouches.

The design is ingenious :  it’s tactile but rigid. Inside there is a platform which automatically pushes food into bub’s mouth in response to sipping – thanks to a one-way valve. This leaves littlies to feed themselves whilst cutting out the mess. It’s hygienic, and there’s nothing to throw away.

Subo has a gradated clear viewing window to check the amount of food inside, and it has a 45mm diameter throat for easy filling. Subo consists  of seven parts which come apart easily for washing (hand wash please). All parts are BPA and phthalate , and it’s made from recyclable plastic and silicone materials.

Melbourne couple Julie-Anne and Glenn Mater invented Subo and aptly named it from the Tagalog (Filipino) word for “mouth”. They made a deliberate ethical decision to make Subo in Australia. Parents and their bubs will be really glad that they did. You can buy it  HERE

–          Suitable for Age 6 months+

–          Made, designed and owned in Australia.

–          Made, designed and owned in Australia

–          AND made, designed and owned in Australia…

Specifications : height = 18cm;  width =  6cm; volume = 250ml

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