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Vendula London Non-Leather Bags & Purses

Apr 07, 2017

Vendula London Bags and Purses are luxurious, funky, and non-leather. They are made from silky smooth PU (polyurethane), rather than the leather of other upmarket bags and purses (such as The Good Store’s beloved Mywalit range.

Because they’re not leather, Vendula is relevant for vegans and vegetarians, A big bonus is that it allows for an extraordinary level of applique detail that is just not possible in leather goods. It makes Vendula London unique.

The attention to detail of the Vendula London range is also worth mentioning – each item tells a story from front to back, which you can not only see but feel.

Vendula London is a British company which is ironically based in Middlesex (rather than London).They were founded in 2003, and have grown by word-of-mouth since then. Each bag and purse (except for their Pouch bag) acknowledges their British base by being fully lined in a fabric pattern featuring Big Ben, the London Eye, and other London architectural highlights.

Know that pictures of Vendula London bags and purses never capture the complexity, depth, and beauty of the applique work. It’s formidably detailed, and meticulously stitched.

You can check out The Good Store’s varied range of Vendula London bags and purses  here

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